About Corporate Massage


Forward thinking owners implementing health and wellness programs which opportunity for their workers to take some time to focus on their health and wellbeing. One great way of achieving this is to offer your staff a relaxing seated massage. Whether 5 or 20 minutes, a professional therapeutic massage can help to eliminate stress & tension, resulting in happier, healthier and more motivated staff!

Onsite massage can be done in your office, at a company or corporate event or a residence, Typically, massages are performed on a specially designed ergonomic massage chair, in a quiet room, with relaxing music to create a tranquil mood. Alternatively, massages can be performed with the recipient relaxing in their own chair at their desk a popular option for busy call centres & large offices. We aim to provide these massages with minimal disruption to the workspace and work flow of your staff, they will return to work with renewed energy and a feeling of improved wellbeing.

Why not treat them to a Professional Seated Massage!

A relaxing massage from Corporate Massage Gold Coast will energise and invigorate staff or clients, at your office or workplace or at any type of, conference or function. I am fully qualified, experienced & insured, meaning that not only will you receive the best massage available, but you can also rest assured knowing that you are in safe hands.

A typical seated massage can be from 5 to 20 minutes, the recipient remaining fully clothed and no oils used. Depending on the length of the massage, our therapists can treat the usual problem areas including the neck, back, shoulders, arms, hands and head. In just a few minutes you will feel rejuvenated in both mind and body.

My aim is to leave all of our clients feeling totally relaxed and refreshed,

So call us now so we can benefit your workplace, conference, golf day or special event, from Sanctuary Cove to Burleigh Heads.

  • We can also provide 30 min or 1 hour table massages, In today’s fast paced business world, creating happier & healthier workplaces is a priority for many companies.
  • It is practiced in locations that are easily accessible to the client.
  • It does not take a lot of time so there is minimal interruption to the client’s schedule.
  • It is done while fully clothed.
  • Seated massage focuses on the neck and shoulders, where many people feel muscle tension.

Clients enjoy increased circulation and vastly reduced stress in the back, neck and shoulders. A 5 to 20 minute seated massage relaxes the recipient and contributes to overall well-being.

Many companies have wellness programs which include seated massage as part of a holistic approach to employee health care. As well as increasing productivity, chair massage also improves employee morale and contributes to lower turnover rates.

Chair Massage as an incentive / reward is a practice that makes good business sense. Provided regularly, it enhances the well-being of employees physically, mentally and emotionally. It has been proven to help raise profits and reduce health care costs.

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