Massage Services

Corporate Massage Gold Coast offers branded massage services

At trade shows and other marketing events. Qualified Massage Therapists – wearing your corporate logos if you like – will provide a memorable experience for customers, partners and other important prospects at your show. It’s a great way to build traffic to your booth – and build loyalty to your brand.

In this relaxed and comfortable state, attendees are more receptive to your message and more apt to retain your key selling points, thus maximizing the value of the entire massage event.

Custom Events

Corporate Massage Gold Coast provides a range of services to help your company use chair massage to help reach customers. Below are some ideas to get you started:

Private Label Events

In addition to standard event chair massage services, Massage Therapists can wear clothing displaying your corporate branding and / or marketing messages. They can pass out your promotional materials too as part of the event. The net result is to present massage as an integral part of your booth, exhibit or event. This makes for a more seamless, holistic, integrated experience.

Pop-up Store Events

Does your brand use pop-up stores – temporary retail events designed to build your brand and create buzz?, If so, Corporate Massage Gold Coast can help take your event to the next level by helping you attract the audience and attention you’re looking for. Chair Massage can be set up outside, inside, on rooftops, in tents, store fronts, hotel suits – Anywhere we can help you establish your brand and sell your product.

Your mobile massage specialists

Corporate Massage Gold Coast provides mobile massage from as far south as Burleigh Heads and North of the Gold Coast as far as Sanctuary Cove and everywhere in between. Should you experience a seated massage from one of our therapist at a conference or event, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss the possibility of sharing the experience of our seated massage service, By arranging a visit for your co workers back at the office.

Why not call in a therapist to brighten the morale, lift the team and remind your employees just how valuable you know they are. Our massage therapists are ready to remove the stress from your (road to success). Corporate Massage Gold Coast – The premium mobile massage specialists are ready to answer your call. Please note- the minimum call out time for the Gold Coast area is 1 hours.

Benefits For The Employee

Reduces stress, anxiety & lowers blood pressure, Decreases work related aches, pains, stiff necks, headaches & back strain, Helps to stimulate the body’s circulatory immune system, Increases morale & reduces the chances of “burnout”

Benefits For The Employer

Improves employee retention rates and loyalty to your company • Boosts employee morale and motivation to decrease absenteeism • Increases productivity which in turn increases your company’s bottom line.